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Proud to announce: I am one of 40 over 40: Germany´s m most inspiring women

FemaleOneZero put me on a list beneath 39 other women. Thanks for this! I am proud to be in such a powerful squad of ladies. And copuy the text: „They have become a classic: the „30 under 30“ and „40 under 40“ lists. And even if nobody wants to be defined by age alone, of course, such formats are always a good opportunity to present and honour great and extraordinary women. This is what we want to do here at F10 – with a „40 over 40“ list, which – with a wink – is intended to be a supplement to the ‘under 30’ and ‘under 40’ lists.
You will meet very different women: board members, activists, publicists, producers, bankers. But all of them have something in common: they are committed to changing the world. They have excellent expertise in their fields. And that’s why they are role models for everyone, regardless of age, across all generations.

Katja Diehl, She Drives Mobility

The Holistic Activist

Hardly anyone fights as tenaciously as she does for a real change in mobility – away from individual transport and towards strengthening public transport. Of course, this does not only bring her friends in Germany, but her voice has a great impact. The Hamburg local has had a classic corporate career and is now a freelance communications and management consultant, specializing mobility, new work and diversity. On her social media channels and podcast it couldn´t be more clear how logically these topics are connected and mutually dependant. So inspiring! We need people like her.

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