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RIP #natenom

This week, the community in Germany learnt that one of its strongest fighters for the protection of cyclists was killed by a motorist. On the very road where he had repeatedly documented via dashcam how dangerous it is for cyclists.

On rural roads, for example, you have to keep two metres distance from cyclists when overtaking if you want to pass them by car. Andreas, who many people knew under the , has repeatedly used the Open Bike Sensor to prove that it was sometimes only 70 centimetres.

On Tuesday this week, at half past seven in the evening, Andreas was hit from behind by a car driver with great force. He died at the scene of the accident.

This news reached me yesterday:

„I am his best friend here in the village. He was part of our family with all his kindness. His mother and we wish for you to make it big. That was his wish all these years in case something happened to him. He fought for safe cycling, filed reports, documented and persistently campaigned for the prosecution of those who endangered him and others with their motor vehicles. He appealed to politicians.

He did everything possible to be safer. It was precisely this danger, dangerous overtaking motorists, that killed him. His loved ones cry out in grief, I cry out in fear, solidarity, shock, appreciation of his efforts. Natenom wanted loud politics for this case.

Katja, please make a big deal out of it, thank you.“

In 2023 alone, 34 people lost their lives while cycling and walking in . What has happened to us that we can remain so indifferent? Where is our outcry about the inadequate transport policy that doesn’t focus on us without a car so that we can be self-determined AND safe when travelling?

We have no words.

The ordinariness of road deaths in our lives is only broken socially when the dead have faces because we knew them.

Eight people die on German roads every day. That’s eight lives too much.

Stop the killing. Now!

Sharing is caring. Let’s make big.

My buddy Jan Kamensky made a visual for this.

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