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It’s about the infrastructure, stupid! What causes the gender cycling gap?

„Cultural factors certainly play a role. Women are expected to arrive at the office more carefully dressed and coiffed than men, which can be a challenge after huffing uphill in a rain shower. Black women, in particular, are told to “tame” their natural hair at work—an expectation that helmets only render more burdensome. Male-dominated bike culture can make women feel unwelcome in cycling clubs or bike shops. Most importantly, commuting women make more stops than men to chauffeur children and pick up groceries, tasks that prove more difficult on two wheels.

But survey after survey finds that one concern trumps all others: safety. Women are more likely than men to say they want safer cycling. Many cities have failed to deliver on this score.

Historically, the places where a cycling gender gap persists are also places lacking in bike infrastructure. Without bicycle lanes, barriers, greenways, and the like, cyclists may be forced into risky situations alongside motorists. Too often, this leads to fatal accidents. A University of Minnesota study suggests the risks are even higher for women: drivers are more likely to dangerously invade a woman cyclist’s space.“

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