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Today I met Doug Gordon from New York – how easy traveling is at the moment.

am really thankful for all these tools offering me plenty of possibilities to meet people who support my mission of #Autokorrektur with their perspectives and ideas.

Doug is Co-Host of the podcast „The War On Cars“ which is – as I learned today – a very familiar quote in the US. There are many „wars“ at the moment, especially one day before the election…

We talked about
– the meaning or „feeling“ of that „war on cars“
– the social and #feministic concept of bicycling
– the link between #equity, equality and riding a bike
– childfriendly cities
– the world of safe streets after corona came
– the facts versus feelings problem of change
– why people want to escape their hood for vacation, instead of making it liveable for everyday life
– bicycles as yes-machines
– the lack of bold leadership
– cities as rolemodels like Washington DC and others
– mobility as a swiss knife
– the car as an option – not the only solution

And with this I take one step further:
I opened my first #YouTube Channel to spread my format wider than before.

Enjoy our talk – stay tuned for others and if you want:
Subscribe my channel.

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