She Drives Mobility meets Doug Gordon (The War On Cars) #45

Connecting the dots is sometimes the most impossible weapon of changing the world. But sometimes this happens: One of their episodes is spotting the light on the StreetRiders having become a major presence in the Black Lives Matter movement in New York. Their weekly bike protests have taken over streets, bridges and highways and attracted thousands of people of all ages to rally against police violence. In this interview, Doug talks with StreetridersNYC co-founder Orlando Hamilton about how he found his voice as a political organizer, what bicycles bring to the protest movement and what it feels like to look out and see 10,000 people filling the streets of Times Square all in support of Black lives. Would be so precious, if us – the changers of the current world and the shapers of tomorrow – could allign on our same, not on our differences.

She Drives Mobility # 42 mit Auke Hoekstra

I enjoy relaxing conversations with open-minded and inspiring people like Auke, who give me hope that climate-related ideas are being worked on in the different areas of society, research and politics. We need everyone in this team. Because we only have seven years left to make Germany climate-friendly. But we much prefer to talk about all the problems, about things we consider more important – and lose valuable time in the process. Auke is just as impatient in the best sense of the word as – together with people like him, I am confident that we will present a broad alliance of climate activists to all those who disseminate fake news and smoke candles that will help overcome this highly dangerous passivism. Climate action now!