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She Drives Mobility # 42 mit Auke Hoekstra

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Auke works as a researcher at Eindhoven University of Technology, a position that is funded by Stichting Elaad c.q. Grid manager Alliander. He is a University Researcher, Department of Mechanical EngineeringControl Systems TechnologyHis goal is to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy by producing reports that show why this makes sense and provide insight into how this can best be facilitated. He is also affiliated with the National Knowledge Centre for Charging Infrastructure and often acts as an expert in electric transport to the second chamber, ministries, provinces and municipalities.

But that is just one side of Auke. On the other side, he is kind of surprised, how deep we in Germany are linked to Fake News regarding Electric Driven Cars. We are so proud of being a nation of carbuilder and -lovers, but we seem to be unable to embrace change and climate relevant business strategies such as the target of a zero emission mobility.

That was our topic in our talk – initially. But than we totally got lost in the best way.

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