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#SheDrivesMobility #51 – Carolina of Bosch speaks about autonomous driving

I asked Carolina to explain the different levels of autonomous driving as an introduction to our talk – this goes from level 0 (which corresponds to a normal car) to level 5 (fully autonomous). And I love her picture, which makes it clear what this means: You can first take your hand off the handlebars, then your eyes, and at the end (at level 5) even your brain off the road, because the car can take over everything for you.

We talk about the opportunities of autonomous driving, the MUST of thinking in systems and we take a trip around the world and look at the different countries and their unfortunately very different approaches to autonomous driving.

An autonomous driving car will NEVER produce more errors than a human, yet it is right to set high standards for these vehicles.

Carolina sees opportunities especially for people who are already struggling to move well through life. After all, autonomous vehicles come on demand and bring the function that is needed: Space for a stroller, accessibility – or even a car just for me. But – and this is fantastic – I no longer have to buy a car just for me, I pay for the mobility I need at that exact moment. This frees up time for me AND details like urban space in equal measure.

Carolina puts a big question mark on Tesla’s claim to be close to Level 5, estimating that Waymo is ahead and Tesla is about Level 2.

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